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Return and Exchange:

  1. Goods with identified production defects might be returned or exchanged within 7 days. (Date was based on the current law " Protection of Consumer Rights", acting on the territory of Russian Federation).
  2. Returned or exchanged goods MUST BE: in exactly the same package and form, which was provided to the buyer, including marking, technical accompanying documentation (instructions, descriptions, product passport) and other documents, which were given to the buyer when purchasing.
  3. Goods mustn't have any mechanical damages and interventions.
  4. Transfer of the products to the seller accompanied by the “Act of return” or “Exchange marriage Act" in a particular form with description of identified defects and copies of documents, which confirm purchase of products by the buyer.
  5. All goods are undergoes an examination. The result of examination is signed by authorized specialists “Return act” or “Marriage exchanges Act."
  6. Amount of the marriage return is deductible after receiving production on the seller's warehouse.
  7. Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps can’t be returned and exchanged.
  8. Lamps and lighting fixtures with any damage (incl. splits and scratches) can’t be returned and exchanged.
  9. The seller isn’t responsible for products damaged during transportation, except transit of its own courier service.
  10. The buyer bears expenses of transportation products for refund / exchange, technical expertise.
  11. Additional information according return and exchange of marriage can be obtained from our managers.
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