Care instructions

Our furniture is made from wood of such tree species as oak, ash, elm, pine, beech, mango, teak, etc. One of the features of solid wood is that a tree continues ‘to live’ even in the product. It means that products may crack due to excessive moisture and/or sudden dry air, but for solid wood products it is not a defect. 
Furniture may be painted or covered with plant-based wax. If wet drops fall on furniture covered with wax, stains may remain. In order to remove such stains you just need to wipe it with a dry soft cloth soaked in furniture wax. 

In order for the furniture to have a good look and serve for a long time, the simple rules should be followed:
the most favourable climatic condition for furniture: air temperature +15С...+25С with a relative humidity of 45%...65%. In case of insufficient humidity, it is recommended to use a humidifier.
deviation from the specified mode, as well as the location of furniture near heating appliances and in direct sunlight, leads to a deterioration in consumer properties of furniture; its drying out, accelerated aging of the coating and noticeable deformation of furniture panels. In case of insufficient air humidity, solid wood furniture ‘gives off’ moisture and dries out, that can lead to the formation of small and large cracks. All of the above is not considered defective and is not a case of warranty repair, but is a consequence of improper use of furniture.
dust from surfaces should be removed with a soft, slightly wet flannel cloth. In caring for the surfaces of the furniture, appropriate products should be used. Read the instructions carefully before using a detergent. It is strictly prohibited to use solid tool — scrapers, sponges with plastic or metal fiber, etc. when you clean any surfaces. 
the maximum allowable static load on the shelves and racks is 15 kg, on the bottom of the drawers — 10 kg. All weights should be placed evenly over the available area. To ensure better stability, tall closets are recommended to load more in the lower sections.
for safety reasons, it is forbidden to move furniture in a loaded state. In addition, it is necessary to empty furniture from drawers and shelves.

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